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Forensic Services

The Office of Dr. George Geysen, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Change Point offers forensic services in there following areas. Please contact us for more information.

Areas of Forensic Interest and Expertise

  • Criminal law and legal matters
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Expert psychological examination
  • Case consultation
  • Mitigating circumstances and alternatives to sentencing
  • Expert psychological differential diagnosis examination
  • Competency consultation, pleading and suggestibility
  • Traumatic stress for police, correctional officers and law enforcement
  • Traumatic stress and critical incidents in the workplace
  • Sex offense risk assessment and examination (CATSO and ATSA)
  • Case consultation on public safety registration and notification
  • Violence risk assessment for spousal and sexual assault
  • Civil law and legal matters
  • Pre-employment examinations for safety Sensitive professionals
  • Fitness for duty and return to work examinations
  • Professional consultation for divorce mediators and child custody
  • Impaired professionals and improper conduct in the workplace
  • Intellectual disability and competency matters
  • Competency issues in wills, estate planning and terminal Illness
  • Psychological assessment for disability determination
  • Employment law, ADA and human resource matters
  • Pre-employment examinations for safety sensitive professionals
  • Harassment and discrimination