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About Psychotherapy

The Office of Dr. George Geysen, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Dr. Geysen has always believed that some forms of suffering and emotional distress are a necessary and inescapable part of being human. He also does not believe that persons should necessarily be engaged in psychotherapy any longer than they may feel need to be. Dr. Geysen has worked with many persons over the years at different points in their own life trajectory. He is very invested in the process of helping persons to experience a restored and renewed interest in those things from which they derive meaning and satisfaction.

Dr. Geysen believes that psychotherapy, at its best, should first allow a person to experience a cessation to the suffering brought about by many forms of emotional distress. Dr. Geysen tries to bring about this cessation by providing a person or persons with an opportunity to be heard in a safe and secure environment. In this space, an adult, a couple or a family can have an opportunity to feel understood, respected and often, for many, to experience a sense of hope.

The ability to experience a sense of hope often generates a feeling of optimism based in the understanding that a person is not alone in his or her distress. Dr. Geysen is often able to provide information, help a person to view familiar patterns of behavior and beliefs shaped through families and adult relationships and, over time, can help people become more accepting of their own and other’s weaknesses and to forgive and develop compassion for themselves and others.

For more than 50 years, many schools, techniques and systems of psychotherapy have changed, been refined, and given way to newer methods and practices. Dr. Geysen is trained, educated and experienced in skillfully utilizing and applying many of these. However, at the bottom, he believes in the possibility that all persons have to grow emotionally and to experience their own joy and happiness balanced against the inescapable stressors common to everyday life.